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Do You Floss?

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“Do I what?”

I asked you “do you floss?” If not … why not?

Mike Marchev

If not, you had better start. But only if you want a brighter future. And speaking of futures, I have another recommendation for you if you are at all interested in making your days ahead a little more beneficial. I must admit that I’m really not into your personal oral hygienic practices, but I think you will get my message now that I have your attention … and hopefully do something about it.

People a lot smarter than I am tell me that if one has any intentions of enjoying a steak in their later years, it is a wise and prudent decision to do what is necessary to make sure their teeth are in, and remain in good working order. I’ll buy that. But do I?

Flossing has been known to be a smart thing to do. But how many people actually do what is good for them?

Okay. Now that I have your attention and you are probably wondering if I have completely lost my marbles, allow me to give you that much needed whack in the head.

Prospecting is a lot like “flossing” in that it is a good thing to do if you want to enjoy tomorrow with an unapologetic smile. Yes. It is a pain to do. Yes, it is not often convenient. Yes, you can come up with ten things that need doing in addition to prospecting/flossing. Yes, you will regret one of these days (if not sooner) your decision to put it off until tomorrow.

So as not to beat a dead horse to death, I’ll skip to the bottom line in today’s double-edge message.

Flossing is a good thing to do. Do it. Prospecting is a good thing to do. Do it.

In closing, I just have to share with you one of my favorite reminders. It comes in the shape of a quote and fits both flossing and prospecting. Stop, and think about what I am about to say.

“If my pitcher would pitch at the beginning of a game, the same way he pitches at the end of the game once he realizes he is losing, he wouldn’t be losing in the first place.”

Casey Stengel (NY Yankee Manager) said it.  I just spread it around when the shoe fits.

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