Two Sample Programs

pointing Making The Pursuit Of Success Fun

 … With Professional Selling Skills

Sales has little to do with the gift-of-gab, up-selling, overcoming objectives or closing deals. Today’s professional salesperson is a communications specialist. The objective is to get more of the “right” people to know you …like you … and trust you. Then, and only then will they buy from you with any degree of confidence and consistency. Doubling your sales success is what this seminar is all about. And yes, it can be done.


You Will Learn

  • Proper Positioning Strategies
  • Addressing Formidable Obstacles and Roadblocks
  • Taking Advantage of Opportunities
  • Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Developing Realistic and Winning Game Plans
  • Establishing “What-If” Scenarios To Protect The Unexpected
  • Selling On Purpose … With Goals … With Benchmarks
  • Introducing The Entertainment (Fun) Element Back Into Sales
  • More …. Lots More

Grow Your Business By Treating Your Valuable Customers Like Dogs

 Key Point: “Your customer is my prospect.” You had better solidify your relationship with your client base … fast. Customer Service has a different skill set than sales, but make no mistake about it … Customer Service is your #1 Sales Strategy. Customer Service has become your true competitive edge.

You Will Learn

  • Defining a Customer-Oriented Service Organization
  • Living By The Platinum Rule
  • Identifying Moments-of-Truth
  • Implementing The Triple Win Reward Strategy
  • Service Coordination Involving Your Entire Organization
  • Customer Service Is Not “Smile Training”
  • When To Sever Relationships With Customers
  • How To “Stack The Deck” In Your Favor