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Some People Insist On Shooting Themselves In The Foot

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I see it all the time. Sometimes multiple times in a single week.  And when I am party to it, I see red, feel the hair on theMike Marchev back of neck, and my heartbeat seems to shoot into overdrive.

Why don’t more people realize that it takes months … even years …  to earn a customer while a single mismanaged phone call can put a dent in your income without saying a word?

Consider yourself warned. You DO NOT have to shoot yourself in the foot.  Learn by my observation.True Story

I called my gas company this week to ask them to “top-off” my holding tank prior to my leaving town for a couple of months. As a customer I was expecting an upbeat greeting. I received a silent response when I said, “Hi Michelle. This is Mike Marchev. Silence. I then took my cue to continue talking by mentioning “I am calling since I will be heading to Florida and need a “top-off.” Since it was 12 degrees at the time of my call, I thought this information might have stirred the pot and elicited a lively barb or two. Again … silence.

From my viewpoint, I gave this phone receptionist two large opportunities to build on an already sound relationship. BANG! Right in the foot. I called looking for a friendly conversation. I finished my gas order feeling less than appreciated.

I am not going to write a script for you when you find yourself in these relationship-building situations. What I am going to do is remind you that (1) These are enormous opportunities to establish rapport; (2) it is easy to be friendly and interested in your customers; and (3) don’t shoot yourself in the foot simply because it is almost quitting time and you just don’t feel like making a living.

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