Mike Marchev

The Reviews Are In!

It’s always wonderful to hear from those who have heard Mike speak.

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From Clients and Meeting Planners

“… a lot of people talked about how you came out into the audience, clearly making a connection with all of us. I heard that over and over. You brought enthusiasm and excitement to our group and this made an enormous impression. ”

Paul Keil
Pitney Bowes
Spokane, WA

“Mike Marchev, a master of the stage, captures his audiences from small roundtable presentation to ballrooms filled with thousands of people. Mike has that special ability to adjust his performance from serious to funny while always driving home a valuable message. The audience hangs on every word and departs feeling their time has just been well spent.”

Lauraday Kelley , CTC, MCC
Vice President of Education & Training

 “Mike offers a keen insight into a well mapped territory of sales and customer relations, but in a fresh style. He is funny, charming, entertaining, and engaging. His contribution helped make our Annual Convention an unqualified success.”

Marty Holmes
Executive Vice President
North American Meat Processors Association


“Your ideas, humor and energy made it clear to me why my sales force gave you a standing ovation at our National Sales Meeting. I am confident that they will be able to use many of your down-to-earth recommendations.”

John F. Low
PresidentPolk Directories (Info USA)


“Right from the opening sentence, Mike grabs and keeps your attention. He is a master at getting people to feel comfortable while absorbing his message.”

Katherine Oliviero


“You delivered the program in such an entertaining, high-energy and thought-provoking fashion! The afternoon passed all too quickly as a group of seasoned and experienced professionals took in every word. It was a pleasure watching you connect with our group.”

Carolyn Wilson
Merck & Co., Inc.


“Just a brief note to let you know that we managed to increase sales by 30% this year … with much of the thanks going to you and your 52-Week Sales Planner. I use it religiously and contribute much of our success to your step-by-step, incremental improvement system. Thank you.”

Ron Barlow
Sales & Marketing Manager – USA


From Speakers’ Bureaus

“Let me begin by saying Mike Marchev is a really nice guy. He is someone people LIKE to work with – bureaus and clients alike. As said to me by one of my clients, Mike’s presentations are expertly delivered, have relevant content, are very entertaining, and are well received by audience participants. The bottom line for me is, I like Mike Marchev and clients who have selected him for their programs like him, and the audience like and learn from him. I hope to be working with Mike Marchev a lot more in the future!”

Nancy Lauterbach
Five Star Speakers


“Mike has always done a great job for us over the past seven years. He’s an entertaining speaker who takes pride in customizing his presentations. His book “Become The Exception” is a great take-away for attendees, especially for sales and marketing audiences.”

Brian Lord
Senior Vice President

Premiere Speakers


“Mike Marchev is (1) easy to work with, (2) an experienced speaker, (3) a great value and (4) is genuinely interested in the client’s return on their investment. In addition, he is fun, entertaining, positive and creative. What more would you want in a speaker?”


Andrea H. Gold, President
Gold Stars Speakers Bureau


From Fellow Speakers and Competitors

“There’s nothing better than speaking at an event where the whole program is strong. When Mike Marchev is on the agenda, I know the attendees are getting powerful information and ideas, and that I’d better be at my best if I’m going to keep the excitement going.”

Larry Mersereau
CTC, Professional Speaker, Member of NSA


“You might think that professional speakers look at each other as competitors, and some probably do. As a professional speaker myself I prefer to think of them as colleagues, mentors, sounding boards, idea bouncers, and in many cases – friends. Someone that fits all of the above is Mike Marchev.

When chance brought us together as speakers at a popular event a few years back I not only met Mike but had the pleasure of hearing his work. Mike has a gift. He can take a subject, like sales for example, that has been presented by countless others in countless ways, and make it fresh and exciting. It’s not just his “spin” that makes the difference; it’s his ability to pinpoint the issues that really matter and communicate them with style, humor, and most of all, sincerity. He is one of a kind.

For a guy from New Jersey, he sure can make you sit up and listen. I’ll always be thankful for the day when our paths crossed. May they stay crossed for years to come.”

Nolan Burris
President Visionistics


For a list of Mike’s clients, click here